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Oct. 22nd, 2007 | 08:09 am
location: Skool~
mood: working working
music: Prayer- Disturbed

 Bah, I got so frantic yesterday I forgot to post.

So, I went to Karaoke for the first time Saturday. Sure I sacrificed some study time but it was worth it. I had fun, I have to admit although I didn't sing a lot on the microphone. But then again singing is not my forte, it's more my sister's department.

I got my hands on Harvest Moon DS and Sonic Rush. I'm happy I did but I need to be careful not to play when I should be studying. I wish mid terms would end soon. 
All in all things are going alright, I wonder why I am even updating my journal. I guess I just didn't want to only post when I am sad and/or emo. =P

Anyways, gotta work on my metabolism work to hand over at 9:30am! And I didn't do anything yet. XD I'm getting way too overconfident with this class.
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It's the end of the world and I don't feel fine. Part 2?

Oct. 5th, 2007 | 10:50 pm
mood: irritated irritated

Man, today was perhaps the suckiest day of the last two months! Nothing went right.

First my friend ended up working instead of going to LaRonde's haunted house with me and I didn't want to ask anybody else for fear of looking like I'm trying to fill in a hole. So in the end I didn't go. :(

Then I finally got fed up with my lab partner always going "solo" and making me feel like a big useless lump of flesh and made a scene in the lab. I feel like a fool now but GAH, sometimes he just annoys me to NO ENDS.

Then I got this annoying headache that keeps coming and going so I'm not sure if I should take pills for it. But me.
 I got the feeling that with everyone I'm talking to I end up annoying them or making them mad. I always get angry at myself for this.

An finally, I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO MAKE ANY SENSE! It's like anything I do or say end up just embarrassing me. Just like now I'm writing stuff on Livejournal and I probably sound like some depressed teen or something. urgh.

My Karma must be really bad today. Hopefully tomorrow will get better.

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Just so you know...

Sep. 29th, 2007 | 10:02 am
location: Home
mood: Fangirly
music: Dream of an Absolution

Phoenix Wright 3 is pure awesomeness. It rocks every living thing's socks right off.
I just finished case 2 (omg that was such a long case) and I STILL support/wish/fangirlised over the possibillity of the Godot/Nick pairing. No matter how much sakura_gts denies it.

*Sigh* Sometimes I wish I had someone who shared most of my interests and with whom I could just loudly sing silly videogame songs with.  XD  Gotta fly to work now~

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Random post because my sister is posting more

Apr. 30th, 2007 | 07:26 pm
location: Home
mood: jealous jealous
music: Gorillaz songs -Feel Good INC-

Yea so I kind of notice I've been neglecting my Lj and that sakura_gts is posting more than me! That will not do.

So she's showing off her japanese then I'll show off this drawing I finished this morning.

I decided to name her Rena on a whim. I'm going to try coloring it with illustrator but meh who know what will happen. I'm not satisfied with the eyes though they look unbalance. But anyhow, I need need NEED to learn how to draw cloths properly it's very annoying.

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"Times are tough" - TATguy

Apr. 22nd, 2007 | 12:56 pm
mood: mellow mellow
music: Mix music of DOOM

*sigh* Times are tough.

Exams start tomorrow and I'm still not sure what's going to happen to me. I better pass all my exams I don't want to waste everyone effort. *sigh*

In other news, I think I did something bad or at least SOMEONE is mad at me. I'm not sure what I did though nor what I should do to rectify matter. Life is really hard when you are socially stupid. =/

I noticed that slowly my anime watching days are ebbing away. I never was an avid anime watcher but now I watch less and less. I've only been watching Gintama and Shounen Onmyouji lately although the former I'm 6 episode behind and the latter doesn't get fan subbed anymore. GAH! I need something to fish out my attention again. But hopefully by next week.
Speaking of next week, none of my two jobs have contacted me. It's pretty weird, I mean I'm an employee for the second year but I don't know if they're going to contact me or if I should just show up on the assigned day of work. I hope they'll tell me before. I don't want to spend summer jobless that would be the worst thing ever!
I'm so getting a metal DDR pad this summer no matter what! Oh, and a new computer screen.

Anyhow, that's enough moaning about life. Time to do something with myself. =P

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Hey mom I want to be a scientific investigator!

Apr. 12th, 2007 | 11:37 pm
mood: hyper hyper
music: Oo-edo Soldier Tonosaman

Well I haven't updated this journal at all lately but I have a good excuse!

Well maybe not but hey!

So I finally got my hands on Phoenix Wright ! The first game this time and I got to hand it to the creators to make a second game that follows the first game's plot so well. Now only the third game left!
I didn't "officially" finish the game yet but as we speak the DS I stole annoyed borrowed from my sister is charging so I can watch the final moments of one of the longest hardest and weirdest case ever. Well not really weird, I mean it had the same setting of the Karuma case so yea.
I got to admit, while playing the two games my favorite character was always Phoenix. I mean, he might be the main character but he's really funny and err spikey headed. And face it, I love those kind of characters. But now I found myself liking Gumshoe just as much! I might attempt at Gumshoe or Phoenix art one.

Well that's it for now. I'll write more when I'm done being a fangirl.

Big thanks to sis for lending me her DS and even bigger thanks to her friend Pierrot for letting me bum out on his DS game! Lots of love to you two. :D

PS: The Gyakuten Saiban OST rocks. Yay for my Tonosaman ringtone!

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I object to your objection that was totally objective

Mar. 15th, 2007 | 11:48 am
location: School! Like omgz
mood: chipper chipper

Okay, I now officially got it bad for Phoenix Wright well not bad enough to actually leave my studies and become a lawyer but I'm close to fangirlism.

Someone please save me. I can't defend myself.

Anyhow, it seems my Detective Conan years aren't that great. I did manage to get around finishing Episode 2 though. I got to love that ending. Phoenix totally deserved to be whipped about by that Franziska girl. Let it be a lesson for you Nick; no matter how annoying a girl is never act catty and full of yourself after you win. Never. 
Also, I now want to play the first and third game so bad, I better buy a DS this summer and get them. I also want Jump Ultimate stars (I do it for the Hoshin~)  but that's only a dream.

Lj is pretty lonely, I think I'm going to stalk, lurk, join a few communities.

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Of fruits and lawyers

Mar. 11th, 2007 | 11:13 pm
mood: giddy giddy
music: Too much gaming for music

I read Fruits Basket 20 a few days ago and I forgot to mention this. I thought Tohru's mom died in a car accident? Meaning an accident involving her mom's car and Manabe's girlfriend's dad car. Either I'm wrong or boy is Takaya Natsuki in a world of trouble. But I'm pretty sure I was fooled by her talented story telling(soap like drama).
Also, shame on you Akito!  I mean just god don't go stabbing Kureno like that. And it's even hinted at that he's dead. Geez, there goes all the Kureno/Arisa fanfiction down the drain. Way to go sensei.

Everyone is losing their curse. I would've said everyone that is not important but then again I love Momiji so I feel bad to put him in the same basket as Hiro. *gets stabbed by Hiro fans* urk Although is Hiro/Hinata hugging might convert me to his fandom but he'll still be a god damn brat.

All in all Fruits Basket volume 20 is nice. NO Yuki (like omg!) and some Kyo agnst galore although it seems the agnst dam is holding for 21.

On another note, I finally convinced my sister to let me play Phoenix Wright!  And all I have to say is that this game r0x0rs my b0x0rs. I mean the first part with the amnesia and the case was pretty fun and kind of easy but still pretty entertaining.

And who said lawyers were evil, dishonest and just plain BAD?

I love Phoenix and until I find the obligatory sexier anti-hero my fandom is him. I'll report on more of my gaming escapade tomorrow.

This is going to be great. I have several Detective Conan volume experience. I'm going to ace this game!

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(no subject)

Mar. 2nd, 2007 | 11:32 am
mood: excited excited

I can't believe this. After telling myself "Never again" I managed to fall prey to another shoujo series.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think shoujo is horrible it's just not my cup of tea. I can't handle the horrible roller coaster of emotion that seems to forever go up and down faster than a broke elevator. Yeesh.

But every now and then there's a series that catches my eye. A story that present me more than the usual stupid shoujo heroin that seems to always whine and gripe about *insert boy name* and doesn't show any other emotion other than angst.

This time the manga "du jour" is Skip Beat! by NAKAMURA Yoshiki.

I got to admit, when my sis came to me that one day and swore seeing a shoujo with a strong willed and tough main character I was skeptical. I mean I really like the type of people who try to stand up for themselves and even more the kind that can't but somehow develop the ability to.
But after living the big dissapointment that was Hot Gimmick I wasn't ready to believe again.

Boy was I wrong. Skip Beat really takes the meaning "live for revenge" to a whole new level. I have to admit after reading volume 4 that my favorite characters are definatly Kyoko, Lory and Maria. Why? Well I just love Kyoko's vengeful aura and she really make the manga alive.
Lory's a flashy character. I love flashy characters.
And Maria's story touched me a lot. She's also cute.

I do wonder how the whole Ren/Kyoko romance is going to turn out though. I have the feeling Sho's going to be a bad element in this. It's so exciting. *cheers*

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Feb. 25th, 2007 | 12:23 am
mood: bored bored
music: Thriller- Micheal Jackson

~It's close to midnight and something evil is lurking from the dark~

Hmm, okay it's not really close to midnight and I'm not evil. I'm just back from the dead (or more like the never born) to actually use my Lj space. Why? Because I felt like it.

Not that anyone will notice. It's not like I have Lj friends... although I'm planning to wrestle my sister into visiting.

I still wonder what to do with my Lj. Probably anime reviews and various rants. I'm open to ideas. :P

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